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Be a Continuous Student

Be a Continuous StudentAs the world of business continues to be increasingly competitive, it’s important that Virtual Service Providers (Virtual Assistants, Virtual Executive Assistants, Virtual Support Providers, etc.) never stop expanding their knowledge-base and skills. With so many platforms and tools available to help entrepreneurs run their businesses, it’s inevitable that no service provider can know everything. However, being a continuous student works in your favour. The more you learn and know, the greater expertise you can provide to clients. Win-Win, right?

So how can you keep your skills fresh and gain new ones? [Enter free/low-cost courses and certification programs.] With so many trainers and educational schools in the online world, there are numerous options available to upgrade your skills through self-study training.

Here are a few popular online learning platforms to get you started:

With the virtual services industry not slowing down anytime soon, are you prepared to rise to the occasion and acquire the skills necessary to serve your clients? Sure, you maybe wish you could clone yourself so you can know-it-all, but let’s apply a better alternative instead. Create a list of skills you want to acquire and your desired target clients. Narrow down your list to the things you really want to learn and create a timeline for completing each subject matter. Take your list in strides, practice what you learn and be consistent in your studies. Before you know it, you’ll be broadening your horizons and providing your clients with increased value.

Are you a continuous learner or do you shy away from knowledge-building?

Share your thoughts and tips in the comments below.

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The Race of Freelancing Websites

The Race of Freelancing WebsitesMany individuals new to the virtual service industry start out on freelancing websites such as Elance (now Upwork), Fiverr, Freeeup and others – the main ones being Fiverr and Upwork. With the explosion of virtual services, the industry has become increasingly competitive with many providers offering the same services. Not only that, but many service providers are seeking clients in the same place – freelancing websites. While these websites are great for getting your foot in the door and gaining experience (if you create an excellent profile that makes you stand out), they’re not the only source for connecting with potential clients.

So how else can you become visible to clients? Consider creating a brand for yourself/business and showcasing that to prospective clients. What message do you want to convey about you/your business and the services you offer? Here are a few things that can help you build an online presence outside of freelancing websites:

  • Business Name (or your name)
  • Logo
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Social media profiles
  • Portfolio of work
  • Client testimonials
  • Website

In your quest to build your business as a Virtual Service Provider (Virtual Assistant, Virtual Executive Assistant, Virtual Support Provider, etc.), your brand and what you present to clients are key elements in helping you to stand out. If you’re always seeking clients on freelancing websites, how will they see you among the many other service providers? Create a space for yourself where there’s less competition and clients can see the value you provide.

What has been your experience with freelancing websites?

Share your thoughts and tips in the comments below.