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What’s Your Entrepreneurship Journey?

What's Your Entrepreneurship Journey?In this constantly changing and evolving world, now more than ever many people are happily transitioning into entrepreneurship or joining the ranks involuntarily. Gone are the days where one is employed to a company for 10, 20 or 30 years. The not-so-favourable economy has forced many out of jobs and caused many others to become desperate in order to survive. For those who have dreamed for some time of having their own business and being their own boss, they’ve been provided the perfect opportunity to make these dreams a reality. Is that you? Did you always want to be a business owner? Have you followed through with that dream and thriving in the joys of doing what you want, when you want? If so, congratulations – as it’s not an easy feat. Many only see the outside and define it as success. What they don’t see is the behind-the-scenes constant research, sleepless nights, terrible headaches, lack of support, sacrifices and failures to achieve that success. As entrepreneurship becomes the new norm, here are a few observations, lessons and nuggets many have shared about their experiences:

  • Not everyone – including your family and friends – will support you, and not everyone is meant to be a part of your journey
  • The people closest to you are most often the first ones to talk you out of an idea
  • Surround yourself with people who encourage you, challenge you and want to see you grow
  • Be willing to work hard and persevere to achieve your desired success
  • Belief in yourself and abilities is most important

If you’re not deterred by all of the above and instead determined to make your business your job – you’re on the right track. Keep pressing forward. If you’re someone who feels like a fish out of water – take baby steps. Go at your own pace, but be willing to do the work.

What have you experienced on your entrepreneurship journey?

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Some People Don’t Want You To Succeed

Some People Don't Want You To SucceedSome people don’t want you to succeed. That’s right. It may sound harsh, but it’s the truth and it’s reality. Have you ever had a great idea or dream that you knew you could have followed through with, and your family or closest friends talked you out of it? Take a minute and think about that. Think about all the “Why would you want to do that? What’s the rush? It’s hard out there. You could never do that. But you don’t know anything about that.” I bet your answer is “Yes.” Have those same people come to you needing help with something they want to do? I bet, again, your answer is “Yes.” The way the world is today, it’s difficult to find people who genuinely care about you and want to see you thrive. John Donne said “No man is an island.” However, nowadays it’s hard to not go at it alone, as most people are unwilling to help or support your endeavours. Many people seem to think that helping someone shine will somehow dull their spotlight. Not only that, many are just plain evil. Try not to worry about the badminds, critics, evil-doers, hypocrites and naysayers though – time and karma will visit them with payback. What’s so hard in helping someone progress in life and business? If you think about it, giving a helping hand encourages good karma and blessings to come right back to you. Who wouldn’t want that? The people you help won’t forget it, and will show their appreciation by returning the favour.

Do you have a support system that cheers you on? How did you achieve that?

Share your thoughts and tips below.